The Journey of Motherhood

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Motherhood. It is the most personal rewarding job. It takes strength, sometimes sheer brut, and wisdom, which sometimes comes a little late and love which is ever present at all times. There are ups and downs and an extraordinary amount of give and take. But to wake up on Mother’s Day with hand made gifts from the heart is priceless. Our responsibility is great and those who have been blessed, much is required. My journey was not an easy one. Difficult pregnancies, loss, birth and adoption make up my tapestry. It is colorful, full of texture and framed in my heart. I’ve learned a great deal and every day I’m learning how to be a better parent so that I can raise my children to be incredible people and wonderful parents themselves.

 I must be doing something right. My children are smart, kind, empathetic, funny and thoughtful beings. Here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way.

  •  Your children are resilient.
  • Each child is different so they may require different parenting
  • Make your children a priority but know your health and well being is equally as important
  • Release the guilt about not making every school function
  • Create traditions so that some childhood memories stick with them 
  • Shower them with an abundance of love

I’m still growing as a mom. My children are still quite young but I am so excited about the journey that lies ahead.

 Now someone send me to the SPA!

 Happy Mother’s Day to all

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