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Yvette Gayle of The Sitota Collection

Last night in New York City, I was the recipient of the Icon Award at The Beauty & The Beat Heroines Of Excellence Awards, honoring women for their outstanding achievements in various fields.

I am incredibly grateful to be recognized for my outstanding achievements in the music industry as well as my burgeoning success with my candle company, The Sitota Collection. It seemed fitting that I launch my blog on the heels of what was truly an epic night for me.

My music industry career began at a time when life was Illmatic. When young urban music professionals felt like we had to settle The Score . We didn’t know the Power Of A Dollar at that time but we felt as though we had to Get Rich Or Die Trying. 

 More than two decades in this field and I continue to argue for my artist’s rights, fight for the equality of the genre that I serve and protect the freedom of speech even if I don’t always agree with the message.  My job, my career in music is a wonderful one.

I truly believe that life is ever changing. And one must evolve.  I’ve had the greatest opportunity to travel the world, which opened my eyes and expanded my heart.

With the adoption of my daughter Sitota in 2011, my family nucleus was complete.

I launched The SItota Collection in 2013 at the urging of my then 6-year-old son. He walked into the kitchen one day as I was making candles and said “Mama, I think you ought to have a manufacturing plant and sell your candles in every country.” It was a wonderful “light bulb” moment. Here was the chance for me to express my passion for travel, fragrance and family and teach my son Mekhi that we could truly do anything we set our minds to. Three years later, The Sitota Collection can be found on three continents.

Be it travel, fragrance or candles, I’m a lover of all things luxurious and aromatic.  I set out to re-define luxury and suggest that it no longer has to be identified by it’s unattainability.  I use traditional artisan techniques of blending renewable waxes with premium fragrance infused with essential oils.  And now you can revitalize your body with Body Candle which is made from Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Essential Oil, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E. Get naturally glowing hydrated skin that you’ll be dying to show off this summer!

Like me this blog is a work in progress but I aim to be a facilitator of luxurious moments.  I hope you’ll stick around and see what sets my soul on fire.

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