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Is Candle Meditation For You?


Fire is irresistible to me. There is something so calming and tranquil about the flame and the aroma of a beautifully scented candle. It can transport your mind to a wonderful peaceful place.  Here’s some tips if you wish to try candle meditation.


  1. Visualize the flame as a source of love and light

Feel it radiating outward, penetrating dark corners of the room. This is a great metaphor for divine love and light that can penetrate the dark corners of your thoughts. Allow the light and love of the flame to fill the room, and fill every cell in your body.

  1. Visualize the flame burning away your impurities

Visualize it burning away thoughts of hate, fear, impatience, insecurity, greed, anger, anxiety, self-loathing, depression, jealousy, bitterness, guilt and resentment. Replace them with the love and light of the flame, and positive thoughts/emotions.

  1. Candle meditation is a present-awareness exercise

To further enhance your present-awareness, focus your gaze at the very tip of the flame, where flame turns to smoke. Notice that the color here is different than it is in the middle or the bottom of the flame. Notice that the slightest air movement will affect the flame in some way, just as your thoughts affect your environment.

Be aware of the scent of the candle; the movement of air in the room; the way the flame becomes wider, thinner, quieter or more active as outside forces (like your breath and the air in the room) affect it. 

  1. To connect with your infinite Self, contemplate the infinite nature of a flame 

When one flame lights another, and that flame lights another and so on, you can see that the flame is infinite.

Visualize the light and love of the flame and radiate it outward from your heart to everyone you know; to everyone you have ever met or will meet; and especially to everyone who has wronged you or whom you have wronged.

Visualize the light and love from your candle lighting the candles of every other person on the planet.

  1. Expand on this visualization exercise

Eyes open or eyes closed, visualize the flame lighting the way for people who need help emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually. Visualize the flame lighting the hearts of people consumed by fear and hate. Visualize the flame lighting YOUR way to your destiny. Visualize the flame guiding you toward your higher purpose. Let your imagination run with this! You can use light in so many different ways.

Candle meditation can be used anytime to quiet your mind and de-stress. My new line of Small Indulgences (releasing in a couple weeks)  are perfect for candle meditation. I might suggest starting with Lotus Flower. Simply light the candle and give yourself a chance to focus on it; in just a few minutes you will be enjoying a quiet mind and profound inner peace!

Use this when your mind is too busy and you need to focus. Keep candles handy wherever they are appropriate and take a few minutes here and there to center yourself and bring your attention back to the present.



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