Traveling With Kids This Summer

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School is out this week for some and it's a time when families head out for their summer vacations. Airports are filled with tiny passengers excited to be on the go. While their excitement grows, often parents anxiety increases especially if their children are new to flying. 

At age 3 my son received his first flying wings from American Airlines. I remember being a nervous first time mom flying with an infant for the first time. Previously I had just been a professional woman who flew several times a month for work. I have to admit. I would breathe heavily when I was seated near children hoping that my quiet plane trip wouldn’t be disturbed.

Today, 10 years later I am a seasoned mom (and business women) who travels with her family often.


Here are some tips for your little frequent flyers.

  1.  Print your boarding passes at home. Skip the electronic mobile boarding  passes as you may not have your hands free at boarding time
  2.  Take advantage of pre-boarding that's available for families with small  children 
  3.  Explain the security obstacle course to your kids ahead of time. 
  4.  Fill their tummies before the trip. Hungry children make cranky passengers.
  5.  I am a proponent of limiting screen time, however when flying long distance I pack the iPad, iPod, and DVD player to have a plethora of movies, games and music to entertain my little ones.
  6.  After years of traveling I have learned to pack extra clothes to carry on board.  Spills are inevitable so be prepared and expect it.
  7.  Healthy snacks and chocolate make my kids smile. They like to have munchies available for whenever they want a snack.
  8. If your little ones have trouble with the altitude decline, carry gum or gummies and that will help.
  9.  Although they may run you back and forth to the bathroom, keep them hydrated and they will feel the effects of jet lag a little less.

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