The Sitota Collection offers more than your typical premium candles – it is a gateway to fond memories and faraway lands. Inspired by a love of travel, we have taken amazing fragrances from some of the world’s most inspiring locations and crafted candles that capture the essence of these breath-taking destinations.
From the Ethiopian influence experienced in our Blue Nile candles, to the strong, masculine scent of Havana, our range of signature candles are distinctly unique and unrivalled in terms of quality.
Using traditional artisan techniques, all of our candles are hand crafted to ensure that each product that leaves our possession does so with our stamp of approval. We also use soy wax, which is a renewable resource as well as a way to support local farmers and agriculture – while it also boasts a myriad of other benefits.
Our candles make an excellent gift, or simply a relaxing treat for yourself. Using our online store, you can safely and quickly purchase any of our luxury scented candles. Browse the selection now and indulge in the Sitota Collection.



The Sitota Collection’s collector’s candles make the ideal gift or simply a special treat for yourself. For collectors, there are four distinctly different candles to acquire – all of which are given the necessary time and care to meet the highest standards.
Blue Nile captures the essence of Ethiopia – the beauty of nature comes through in rich natural aromas.
Havana offers a masculine fragrance with hints of leather, amber and tobacco – and was inspired by beautiful afternoons in Norway, Jamaica, with tobacco smoke drifting from the porch into the fields, where fresh pimento berries were being picked.
Aigyiptos’ origins are in Egypt, where the rich history and strong female figure of Queen Cleopatra inspired a rich, sultry and seductive blend.
Coco Noir is an eastern delight, with the coconut and exotic scent recreating the atmosphere of the stunning Chaing Mai Loi Krathong festival.
If you are a candle collector, the Sitota Collection candles certainly belong in your display – so browse our selection online now.

The Sitota Collection’s deluxe candles will transport you to some of the most magnificent places on earth.
Created out of a love of travel, cultural diversity and the aim of sharing one of life’s most amazing gifts – we bring the exotic aromas of different continents to you.
Coco Noir arrives from the East with its fresh coconut base, while Aigyiptos hails from the African continent, more specifically ancient Egypt. Blue Nile is made up from the natural scents of Ethiopia while the Jamaica-inspired Havana is distinctly masculine.
To make candles of the highest possible standard, we keep our batches limited so that each candle can be hand-poured and given the necessary time to enjoy superior craftsmanship.
We also make the choice to use soy wax – a renewable resource that not only lasts longer than general paraffin candles, but releases bursts of aroma throughout the life of the candle.
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The Sitota Collection is made up of four luxurious Signature Excursion candles, infused with fragrances that have been inspired by some of the most beautiful locations on the planet.
We pay attention to every detail when crafting our candles. All are packaged in elegant black jars, while the soy wax is hand poured into each.
Infusing the fragrances is done via traditional artisan techniques, and we never mass produce our product to ensure that the greatest amount of care goes into the creation of each candle.
The four Signature Excursion candles that make up the Sitota Collection are Blue Nile, Havana, Aigyiptos and Coco Noir.
Our focus on quality over quantity is clear when burning a Sitota Collection candle. The soy wax holds fragrance better than general paraffin candles, so instead of getting one sudden, overpowering burst of fragrance, the relaxing aromas are released throughout the life of the candle. Our products can also burn up to 50% longer!
Experience an unforgettable journey through the Sitota Collection; browse our selection of products now.

The Sitota Collection offers you a range of choices when it comes to hand-poured candles, available in four unique and delectable fragrances.
Using traditional artisan techniques when it comes to the pouring of the soy wax, as well as the blending of fragrances – the end result is a candle of the highest standard.
We have also continued to make our candles in smaller batches so that each product that heads out the door has enjoyed superior craftsmanship, and is given the time needed to make sure that everything is perfect – down to the finest details.
Our four distinct fragrances were born out of personal experience from visits to some of the most beautiful locations on the planet – and through these luxurious candles, we aim to spark some of your own favorite memories.
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Just because the Sitota Collection is luxurious and made to the highest standard, does not mean that they are for special occasions only – they are perfect home candles too.
The love and care that goes into the creation of each of our candles is evident in all aspects – from the beautiful jars to the specially crafted fragrances.
Our fragrances were born through personal experience in some incredible destinations across the globe, and by using these fond memories, we create aromas that inspire, relax and delight.
The Sitota Collection is available in two different sizes, the larger Signature Excursion candles, and the smaller Petit Excursion candles.
All of our candles are hand-poured and made with soy wax – giving our product an extended lifespan with burn time of up to 50% more than general paraffin candles.
Explanations don’t do justice to these luxury candles, you need to experience the Sitota Collection – so browse our selection now to choose a scent that intrigues you.

The Sitota Collection’s distinct jar candles are supremely elegant in design and a standout addition to any room.
Beautiful black jars are filled with our signature soy wax, which is infused with the Sitota Collection’s unique and distinct fragrances.
The candles are hand-poured, with attention paid to each detail to make sure that you get a candle of the highest quality. We also make our products in smaller batches to ensure that each and every candle is treated to superior craftsmanship.
The jar candles are available in all four of our signature scents – Blue Nile, Coco Noir, Havana and Aigyptos. And using soy wax, the life of our candles is significantly improved when compared to general paraffin candles – while it also holds the fragrances better to ensure that you are treated to the exotic aromas until the final flicker of light.
The color of the wax is also enhanced inside of the jar, thanks to the contrast in colors between the two.
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Due to our decision to keep our batches smaller to focus on quality – buying a candle from the Sitota Collection essentially gives you a limited edition product.
Unlike factory made paraffin candles, our soy wax candles are made by hand using traditional artisan techniques – a factor that makes us stand head and shoulders above the competition.
When it comes to fragrances, you have a choice of four options. Blue Nile, inspired by the scenic beauty of Ethiopia; the masculine Havana scent; the Eastern delight that is Coco Noir, and the rich Aigyptos with roots in ancient Egypt.
Our candles come in beautiful black jars, available in larger options or the travel friendly petit selection.
The luxurious, unique limited edition candles in the Sitota Collection were born with the aim to share a special gift – and this will shine through from the first burst of fragrance to the last flicker of light.

When it comes to luxury candles, the Sitota Collection stands out due to the love and care that has gone into the creation of each of our products.
Born through love of travel and cultural diversity our candles are unique but built to invoke treasured memories while creating a welcoming, relaxed environment.
There are many factors to why the Sitota Collection has become the preferred choice. Not only do we use traditional artisan techniques to blend our renewable soy wax infused with our custom fragrances – all done by hand.
Our choice to create a limited selection has allowed us to perfect our product, while soy wax offers a cleaner, slower burn – ensuring that our candles and offer up to 50% more “burn time” than paraffin candles.
We can continue to explain the benefits of our ingredients, or discuss the high quality, but the Sitota Collection is best experienced – so browse our products now, whether you want a treat for yourself or the perfect gift for a loved one.

When it comes to relaxing candles, the Sitota Collection is unrivalled due to our four exotic fragrances.
Incorporating aromas from some remote, beautiful locations around the world; each time you burn a candle from the Sitota Collection you are transported to another place.
Our Blue Nile candles were inspired by the scenic beauty of Ethiopia, and offer natural aromas that will simply melt stress away – while Havana boasts a stronger, masculine aroma.
The intriguing, sultry scents of Egypt fill the room when lighting an Aigyptos candle while Coco Noir transports the fresh and exotic fragrances from the East to any room.
Our luxurious, scented candles are made with the intention to relax, inspire and delight – from the moment you light one for the first time, right up until the flame disappears in a final, small plume of smoke.
Find out why our products rank as some of the most relaxing candles on the market by choosing a candle from the Sitota Collection now.

The Sitota Collection offers luxury scented candles in four distinct fragrances – all of which are distinctly different and inspired by incredible journeys.
Our products were born through the love of travel, and with the utmost care we have created fragrances that capture the essence of some of the most beautiful places on the plant.
For example, Blue Nile captures everything that makes the Blue Nile Falls in Ethiopia such a majestic destination.
Havana is a bold, masculine masterpiece with hints of leather, amber and tobacco in a bid to capture the sights and scents of Havana.
Aigyptos takes one back to ancient Egypt. Like Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra, this complex blend is full of intriguing, seductive notes.
Last but certainly not least is Coco Noir. Inspired by the stunning Chaing Mai’s Loi Krathong festival, creamy coconut blends with natural exotic scents to bring complete calm.
Browse our range of scented candles online now to find the fragrance that resonates with you.

The Sitota Collection signature range is the epitome of class and luxury.
These stunning candles are available in four unique fragrances – namely Blue Nile, Havana, Aigyptos and Coco Noir. The creation of these fragrances comes from personal visits to incredible destinations around the world.
The signature range is made to the highest standard – as we employ traditional techniques when it comes to blending the fragrances with the soy wax, while each of our candles is hand-poured.
We focus on each element down to the finest detail – from the elegant black candle jars to the fragrance ratio in the wax.
Our candles are not thrown out by the thousands on a factory conveyer belt – each signature product is crafted with complete care.
The Sitota Collection was born with the intention of sharing a precious gift, and we strive to give you that feeling through each candle.

The Sitota Collection is made up of superior quality, luxury candles- all made using soy wax.
This is one of the elements that make our products unique. This vegetable wax is created using the oil of soybeans.
By using this option, we support US agriculture and farmers, but that is not the only positive from using this renewable source to create our luxury candles.
You essentially get more life from a candle that uses soy – as it can burn anywhere up to 50% longer than general paraffin candles.
The soy holds both the color and scent better – ensuring that you get a steady stream of fragrance throughout the life of the candle, instead of a sudden burst on ignition and nothing but light for the rest.
Should the wax spill, it is also easily cleaned, as it is water soluble, allowing you to deal with any accidents by using a little bit of soap and warm water.
Test the quality of our soy wax candles and you will soon see why the Sitota Collection stands out in the premium candle market.

The Sitota Collection’s Petit Excursion range of candles is smaller in size, making them the perfect travel candles, but they enjoy the same level of care as every other product we create.
What has made the Sitota Collection a renowned brand is the emphasis on unique fragrances and superior quality.
This is achieved by sticking to our original philosophy of sharing a precious gift through superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.
This means that we never turn to ‘factory tactic’ by churning out products by the truck load. Instead, we focus on smaller batches so that each and every candle leaves with our strict stamp of approval.
Our four unique scents come from a love of travel, and with our travel candles you can attach your own personal memories of exploration to these exotic aromas.
Browse the Sitota Collection online now and spoil yourself with one of our luxury candles today.